Damage Control - Ultranoia - available soon on iTunes
Damage Control - Ultranoia - CD available now

Damage Control are pleased to confirm that the second album Hypernoia, a re- imagined and remixed version of the debut release is nearing completion and will soon be released. The remix album features remixes from Craig Saunders (Nova State Machine/Novakill) Canadian electronic music pioneer Phil Western (Download/Plateau/Beehatch/Kone) who tragically passed away soon after completing this remix along with the last Download album with cEvin Key ‘Unknown Room’! We are so humbled and honoured to have done this with Phil. He is sadly missed! Gin Devo from Belgian EBM pioneers Vomito Negro. Damage Control vs Markus App (Damage Control/Noonatac) Damage Control vs new collaborators Tom Slug and Craig Saunders. Ehsan Gelsi (Oolluu) Josh Rombout (Sirus) and Australian music legend Ollie Olsen (Dogs in Space, Max Q with Michael Hutchence, NO, Primitive Ghost, Third Eye, Psy-Harmonics). 

Available now Ultranoia, the debut LP from Damage Control is a collection of tracks mixed, remixed and mastered by industrial music veteran Chris Peterson (OHMelectronic, Decree, Will, Front Line Assembly, Noise Unit, Delerium). Mastered by Chris with Sonic Finalisation by Greg Reely (Mastering Engineer extraordinaire for bands such as Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly and Fear Factory). Also included are tracks mixed and remixed by Industrial/EBM pioneer Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip, Am Tierpark, Disturbia, Klutae, DieKlute). Craig Joseph Huxtable (OHMelectronic, Landscape Body Machine) stars as guest vocalist and lyricist on the hard-hitting City of Ruins and dreamy Sci-Fi track 'Trauma'. Craig Huxtable and Chris Peterson also feature on 'Angst'. Kerry-Alexis Peterson (Living Room Project/Stiff Valentine) shines as backing vocalist on ‘Reasons’.  

Please follow the above Download/Limited Edition CD links to purchase a digital or physical copy of ‘Ultranoia’. There are some great review links at the bottom of the page.  

The Band
Damage Control are an Australian based Industrial/Ambient/Electronic collective consisting of project architect Bill Barsby (originally UK) currently located in Melbourne, Australia, with Sydney Australia based long term friends and fellow noise makers Alex Wise and Richard Thacker (originally UK). There is a revolving door policy with collaborators coming in and out of the project to keep it evolving and interesting. The idea for this project was originally conceived by Bill and Richard by means of sound experiments and recordings dating back to the early 2000’s that also involve Alex Wise and Damian Davis. Markus App (Karlsruhe, Germany) joined in 2012 which became the catalyst for the album ‘Ultranoia’. At this time, we were heavily collaborating with old friends Damian Davis and later on Jason Podmore. The project has been a remote collaboration of exchanging files and brainstorming ideas for songs and soundscapes that document and protest this world through the eyes of empowered minds. We have a passion for hardware sound making machines, remote collaboration and music making production technologies of today and yesteryear. Production is a huge part of it! 

For the third release Oblivion Grid we are extremely excited to be collaborating with Canadians Tom Slug and Joshua Bradford (Revolting Cocks, Simple Shelter) for the first time, and Chris Peterson and Kerry Alexis Peterson again. Joshua was recently in Melbourne recording vocals with Bill for several tracks which will continue to be fine-tuned remotely. Craig Joseph Huxtable will be a guest vocalist and Markus App as guest remixer and artist. Craig Saunders has also collaborated with us for this up and coming release on 3 tracks to conclude his work with Damage Control. 

The band confirms Chris Peterson and Greg Reely will be taking care of the sonic attributes of ‘Oblivion Grid’ as they have with ‘Ultranoia’ and ‘Hypernoia’ the remixes.   

Submissions of reviews, interests in support, promo and distribution please contact hypollute@hotmail.com and keep an eye on www.facebook.com/damagecontrol for news as it happens.

The debut album received a 9/10 review from Belgium’s Sideline Magazine and had some other great reviews from Release Magazine, Brutal Resonance, Dark Entries, Regen Magazine, Elektro-Skull and The Infidel Network. 

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